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Our Installation Services

Hardware Installation: Servers, Workstations, Laptops, Switches, Routers, Printers, Networks, etc.

Installing new hardware systems can be time-consuming and complex. Our Consultants can make your I.T. systems operational with expert hardware installation services. Therefore we can get your new systems up and running quickly, helping to minimize disruptions to your business and reducing the drain on your internal resources.

Installations and upgrades can be planned to suit your needs. For speed, cost and convenience, work can be undertaken during normal office hours, but if minimising disruption is important we can perform the work out of hours, or at weekends.

When upgrading or replacing systems, our consultants are expert in performing parallel installations with phased switchovers to minimize disruption and downtime wherever possible.

On completion our consultants will thoroughly test everything and help the client to test where necessary, and spend time to help familiarize them with the new solutions.

For more information about our Hardware Installation Services contact us on 01245 346985 or email your enquiry to enquiries@bishop-consultancy.com